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I am Claudio Carnino and Tugulab is my long time refuge from the world. I like to think of myself as an entrepreneur.
I also am an iOS engineer.

I am the founder of Fluidtable.
I tweet like a boss and write in funky english.
Write me maybe.

In the past I built TechNews, Decryptoray, OloTV, Fanchimp, Hinii, Challengein, Cocktail Startup, Crocofan and

I also made small apps like Tiny Squares, Shelfy, InstaQuote, Angels and Demons, Video Recipes Best Of. All these products have been designed in collaboration with Nicoletta Donadio.

As a contractor I created or contributed to Eurosport, Dicovery Kids, TravelSupermarket, Net-a-Porter and Busuu.